Privacy Policy

Hit The Road is a journey-planning web application, which you can use to find directions across public transport routes in Dublin. To use the service, you can either type in an address to search for, or drag and drop the location markers to create a search.

Once a search is created, these two locations are sent to our routing service, which cross-references them against our collection of Dublin Bus, Luas and Dart services to find routes that pass close-by, and thus generate a useful solution.

We use Google’s Analytics service to collect broad statistical information about how people are using the site, so that we can detect issues and improve performance and functionality. We store information on what searches are performed on the site, so that we can aggregate this information in a completely anonymous way, to work out common routes and travel patterns.

Browser cookies are used so that we can start you off on your most recent search the next time you visit. The application can use your browser’s geolocation capabilities to find your approximate location for use in the search, but only if you want this, and only after you explicitly give it permission to do so.

No personally-identifiable information about you is stored otherwise, beyond those necessary for the basic operation of the application. Google’s privacy policy is illustrative of the kind of information that is collected through normal usage of a website.

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