Software Licences

Hit The Road leverages a number of open source libraries and frameworks. Below we list them all, in order to give thanks to their creators as well as to give the relevant licence details for each.


We use the Ruby on Rails framework. Rails is released under the MIT licence.


Ruby is the primary language for our backend system. Ruby is licenced under its own Ruby Licence.


The JQuery library is used extensively, in particular for DOM manipulation and event registration. JQuery is dual-licenced under the MIT and GPL v2 licences.

JQuery plugins

JQuery Cookie Plugin

The JQuery Cookie Plugin makes reading and writing cookies easy. It is dual-licenced under the MIT and GPL licences.

JQuery JSON Cookie

The JQuery JSON Cookie Plugin uses JSON2 and the JQuery Cookie Plugin to store and retrieve data from cookies using the json format (source code).

JQuery Dotimeout

Ben Alman's JQuery Dotimeout is used for powerful timeout functionality and is dual-licenced under MIT and GPL v2.

JQuery BBQ: Back Button & Query Library

Also from Ben Alman is the JQuery BBQ plugin, which provides utilities for managing browser state through the URL fragment identifier. It is dual-licenced under MIT and GPL v2.


The Underscore library provides many functional-style enhancements (map, reduce, etc.) as well as many utility functions including a powerful and efficient templating engine. Underscore is licenced under the MIT licence.


JSON2 is the reference json parser and generator. The JSON2 source code is in the public domain.

Google Maps & Map Imagery

The Google Maps API is used for the map display, geocoding and reverse geocoding locations, and for finding walking directions, under the API terms of service.

Our maps use geodata and imagery that is © 2010 Tele Atlas, as well as map tiles from OpenStreetMap under their Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

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