Carbon Estimates

As part of our journey planning service we provide an estimate of the CO2 emissions savings that would be made by taking the suggested public transport option instead of driving. Our calculations are estimates, as all distances involved are not exact—they are meant as a guide. We also assume zero carbon emissions for walking.

An example carbon saving estimate
An example carbon saving estimate.

Carbon emission figures are provided by our carbon management partner Accuvio. The table below outlines the figures used in our calculations and their sources.

Modeg CO2 per passenger kmSource
Driving*155SEI 2008
Dublin Bus77Dublin Bus 2006
LUAS49.9RPA / Veolia Transport 2010
DART**44.3Irish Rail 2006
Driving emissions are based on a singly-occupied petrol car, with a 1.21–1.5 litre engine.
DART emissions are estimated as diesel intercity/commuter train.

Accuvio provide a full suite of carbon management business support, from carbon accounting, energy monitoring, energy and emissions reduction, to carbon abatement (carbon offsets) from approved certified sources.

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